Here are 5 benefits of staying at a hotel near the airport, the price is cheaper

Hotels located in the Suvarnabhumi Airport area are often passed by tourists as accommodation options. Staying at the Aetas Residence hotel in the Suvarnabhumi Airport airport area has many advantages. Besides being affordable, Aetas Residence is perfect for those of you who want to stay long in Bangkok.

Aetas Residence also offers attractive price promos for those of you who want to long stay residence bangkok. Here are the benefits of staying at a hotel near the airport, who knows if you can consider another time visiting an area:

1. Check-in and Check-out Time 24 hours There are many hotels in the airport that apply 24-hour rates. So there are no rules to check in at 14.00 and check out at 12.00. When you arrive at the hotel early in the morning, it means you can be able to enter and check out tomorrow morning.

2. Free Terminal Shuttle Nearly all hotels in the airport area have a free airport terminal shuttle. There is even a hotel inside the Terminal. It saves more time on the road to connect the next flight.

3. It Can Be Cheaper During the peak holiday season, hotel rates for airport areas can be cheaper when compared to hotel rates near attractions or in the middle of the city. Back again, hotels in the airport area usually also provide a free shuttle to the city center.

4. Experienced Staff Generally hotel staff in the airport area will be more fluent in international languages. Because guests at the airport hotel are on average foreign guests. So for those who are afraid of language barriers when in other countries, airport area hotels can be an alternative.

5. It’s Easier to Find Food The average international airport is open 24 hours. In a sense, if you are hungry at midnight until early morning, it’s easier to buy food. Without the hassle of ordering expensive room service.