Tips for Choosing Ceramic Wall in the Kitchen

There is so much to consider in building a kitchen space. Especially window access is needed to get adequate air circulation and lighting. Also, there is one thing that you must pay attention to the finishing process; it’s the selection of kitchen wall tiles.

The selection of kitchen wall tiles is crucial because it relates to the atmosphere of the kitchen. Please don’t make the wrong choice of kitchen wall tiles because the renovation cost is not cheap. For that, here are few tips on choosing kitchen wall tiles that fit the theme of your kitchen.

Ceramic Size

Ceramic sizes on the market are very diverse in size. So before choosing a Ceramic Kitchen Model, you should first measure the area of ​​the kitchen. Go to Amber Tiles, and find the perfect size according to your kitchen. Likewise, the use of large floor tiles that have picture motifs on kitchen wall tiles will undoubtedly affect the visualization of the kitchen.

Kitchen Wall with Ceramic Motifs

There are many available choices on the market, and the selection of kitchen wall ceramic motifs needs a lot of consideration. Starting from comparing the price between models and ceramic motifs. Remember, the function of choosing kitchen wall ceramic motifs is to beautify the appearance of the kitchen room. It requires carefulness and extra attention in deciding the kitchen wall ceramic motifs.

Ceramic Texture

In choosing ceramics for the kitchen walls, keep in mind that the function of ceramic is as aesthetic and should be easy to clean. A robust ceramic texture is needed to resist heat and steam. Likewise, the floor in the kitchen should use strong, durable, scratch-resistant ceramics, a little rough, not slippery, and easy to clean.

Keep in mind, when choosing a ceramic texture, you should use a type of glazed ceramics that could withstand stain because glazed ceramics have almost no holes. The use of non-glazed ceramics increases the risk of staining due to the pores on the surface.