3 Types of First Responder Careers To Consider

Are you looking to change careers and move into a field where you can help others? First responder careers have become more popular, and many people are interested in learning about what they can do to become trained in one. Learn more about your options so you can narrow down which career would be best for you. 

1. Become a Police Officer

Police careers can involve working in many different settings, such as City, County, State, or even Capitol police. You could work with a K9 unit, as a detective, or in other types of specialized police forces. Police training varies by state, but it usually involves going to a police academy. Make sure you research what requirements your state has, and see if this is a possibility for you. 

2. Get Trained as an EMT

EMTs can work in different settings, but many people view them as first responders who come when 911 is called, administering first aid and performing other life-saving services while en route to the emergency room. You can learn about getting EMT certification Texas online and get trained for a new career while you are seeking out employment opportunities near you. 

3. Become a Firefighter 

Firefighters are the individuals responsible for rescuing people from dangerous fires, but they also act in a variety of other first responder situations and can help save lives in a similar manner as an EMT, if called upon to do so. 

Make sure you do research and learn about what your state requires in terms of experience and education for each one of these careers. These can help determine which is the best career for you. Ask yourself what you hope to get out of working as a first responder and find out what types of openings are local to you.