6 Top Packaging Trends In 2022

Packaging is much more than a layer of protective covering to keep products safe during transport. Your packaging design can have a huge impact on the success of your business. The way you choose to design your product packaging can be the difference between a loyal customer and a disappointed one. Whereas packaging used to be seen as nothing more than protection for the product inside, nowadays manufacturers have to pay much more attention to effective branding and design to satisfy the expectations of modern-day customers. If you are looking for Bread packaging solutions then please see here.

For example, according to a recent survey, 74% of consumers said they were prepared to pay more if products were contained in sustainable, environmentally safe packaging. This means that from 2022 onwards your choice of packaging could be a deciding factor in whether a consumer will support your business or a competitor.

From sustainable package design to product personalisation, there are lots of different trends to look out for in 2022. Below we list six of our favourite packaging trends for you to consider to help you stay ahead of the game.

1. Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Sustainable and eco-friendly is a packaging trend that is guaranteed to continue well beyond 2022. Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging will not only create a positive brand image that helps your company stand out from the crowd but will also help protect the environment.
Manufacturing companies are increasingly making use of biodegradable, recycled, or compostable packaging materials as consumers continue to become more aware of the devastating impact of packaging waste on the environment. The new plastic tax makes it crucial for businesses to reduce the amount of plastic they use as it will impact their bottom line. Therefore, switching to sustainable, eco-friendly packaging from 2022 onwards will not only result in increased respect for your company’s brand but also generate more customers for your business success.

2. E-Commerce Packaging

Over the past few years, E-Commerce has experienced tremendous growth which is likely to continue well beyond 2022. A real change in consumer demand has raised the bar when it comes to e-commerce product packaging. When it comes to customer experience, delivery, and return procedures the high standards of customers must be met if you intend to succeed in this thriving market. In the years ahead businesses will have to ensure that their e-commerce business procedures live up to the high expectations of their customers for quality packaging that will not only protect the products contained inside but also provide a positive experience that will encourage them to return for more.

3. Personalisation and Customisation

Personalisation and customisation have become even more important in 2022 as customers look for more reliability prior to the pandemic. Customising and personalising your packaging shows consumers that you are prepared to put extra effort into making your packaging look professional and more impressive.

98% of top marketers have found that personalisation is a key factor in enhancing customer relations and 70% among these also claim that personalisation significantly improves customer experience and increases brand loyalty. Digital printing is an excellent way to customise your packaging. Contact our experts to find out more about our personalised and customised packaging options available to help you improve your brand image.

4. Another packaging trend that has increased remarkably during 2022 is ‘brand storytelling’ as businesses continually seek to engage more with their customers. Brand storytelling allows you to share the story of your brand with your customers by sharing key information about your company, its history, and mission on the packaging.
As more and more products can only be obtained via e-commerce platforms, businesses are continually having to find new ways to form meaningful connections and educate their customers about their products. By incorporating ‘brand storytelling’ into your packaging you are able to share with your customers what it is that makes your products unique.

5. Tech-Integrated Packaging

The technology used in packaging is a trend that is gaining more popularity in 2022 especially when it comes to cutting-edge, innovative products.
Upcoming tech-integrated packaging trends include transforming sweet wrappers, fast-food packaging, and custom boxes into augmented experiences; digital games; and AI. Other trends include interactive tours and 3D rendering of artwork that allows unique ways for customers to interact with the packaging.