Anytime is a neobank from France

Throughout history, in different times and circumstances, the idea of a bank has always been one of the most significant and favorable points for people around the world. However currently, because of progress in the sphere of technologies, the idea of traditional banks is becoming old and in some cases can not answer the new requirements in the global community. Nevertheless, today we are facing new platforms that are providing users with the banking services, totally in online format. In this short article, we want to write about “Anytime” as one of the successful ideas in this sphere and write about its services and features. For more info click site.

Anytime & Its Service

Currently, there are so many platforms that are providing users with online banking services. However, the story is different. Anytime is the alternative option for customers around the world in place of traditional banking format that is not just useful for individuals, but also this platform with its special services can be a perfect option for industries, associates, professionals and freelancers. Anytime can users alone or as a team for any private or professional goals. Shortly to write about Anytime’s services, we need to mention some features; users can have an account with a French IBAN, Professional accounts for any type of goals, personal account for daily expenses, also users can have a Mastercard by this platform and use all services in offline format too. Another important feature is that Anytime does not charge its users in case of international transactions, also it is providing users with international payment service. Should be noted that all other types of bank services such as online payments, debits, cheque and invoices are covered by this platform totally in online format. 

Why to Choose Anytime 

With all the services mentioned above, there are also some points that can be the best reasons why customers around the world should choose this platform for their financial activities. For opening an account in Anytime, there are no fees and not so much time needed; users will be able to open an account in this platform from anywhere, in anytime and as simply as possible in online format. Because Anytime is a neobank from France, as soon as users open the account, they will have a French IBAN and banking details that will allow them many abilities. Should be noted that Anytime is providing Mastercards for its users that are linked to their accounts, also with Anytime mobile app, customers can manage their account and all financial activities totally in online format and be aware about all activities of their accounts by app notifications in real time. 


Definitely, the traditional idea of banking, currently can not answer all requirements of the global community especially after improvements in technologies. However the Anytime platform and its services can manage all banking services totally in online format and in future with new updates, it can be more popular among online users around the world.